Our Story

Creation Miss Couture started around 2014 when we were still making reusable products, like snack pouches, bowl covers and other kitchen items. We took a long break from this when we moved to Alberta in 2017. Catherine fell in love with crochet and knitting during lockdown and decided to reopen her shop in 2022, first with only knitting/crochet notions and soon expanding with her hand dyed yarn. 

The hand dyed yarn journey began after seeing all those beautiful colours created by so many talented and hard working indie dyers on Instagram, so Catherine thought, why not?! She needed an escape from her 9 to 5 that was slowly killing her mental health so she began to buy second hand pans and pots, found a lot of Youtube tutorials and began experimenting with acid dyes. When she felt ready she launched her first collection : The Candy Shop. 

It wasn’t a commercial success, but we all need to start somewhere and since then she’s been learning and improving her craft. We are very excited to join the fibre community and meet so many amazing fibre artists in person. Markets and festivals are not for everyone, but it is an amazing opportunity for us to find joy within the community and get inspired to create new colours.